Smooth and balls rings are intertwined in the Memphis collection to offer a modern and original line of jewelry.

A range of jewelry where brass is hammered, shaped and textured for an antique effect. The touch of turquoise howlite brings modernity and luminosity to all the jewelry in the Bellagio collection.

Interlacing rings in various sizes and shapes for the Badjao collection. A range of textured jewelry with assumed volumes, all in lightness.

A collection inspired by Indonesian jewelry illuminated by a touch of fine gold. The Andaman jewelry range puts the plant in the spotlight with the presence of leaves declined on the majority of the jewelry collection.

Like a desire of freedom! The Birdy collection delicately honors the “feather” present on all the jewelry associated with turquoise to bring modernity.

The Boa jewelry collection is original with its variations of yellow, green and blue colors and its graphic texture which is similar to the skin of the mythical snake, the BOA.

The Goldy jewelry range marks its difference by combining a sleek design with 18-karat gold patina brass for a chic and elegant effect.

A graphic design for the Origine collection where the chain frieze and the shiny curved metal give relief to this jewelry line that is both voluminous and light.

A texture inspired by the shapes created by raindrops on a lake for the Rainy jewelry range, which delicately combines silver metal and black mother-of-pearl, evocative of the depths, with superb reflections.

A graphic and modern range for the Rapsody jewelry collection composed of twisted silver metal and chain depending on the jewelry. The white mother-of-pearl associated with silver metal brings softness and femininity.

The Samothrace ethnic jewelry range offers a construction set with a range of meticulously handcrafted chains for a contemporary look.

Modernity and simplicity are the key words of the Soho jewelry range which subtly combines the smooth and textured forms of silver metal.

Originality and modernity for the Squamata jewelry range composed of a magnificent assembly of chain rings whose texture is similar to that of the snake.

The Takeami collection honors the art of Japanese basketry with this beautiful handcrafted silver metal braiding. A range of jewelry that is both modern and feminine.